Traffic Rider Mod Apk – 2020 Updated [Download with Unlimited Money-Gold]

Traffic Rider Mod ApkHave you ever played Traffic Rider Game? Besides, if you are a racing game addict, then I am sure your answer will be yes. It is the well-known racing game developed by Soner Kara. My second question is, do you know what Traffic Rider Mod Apk is? Moreover, do you know the difference between Traffic Rider Apk and Traffic Rider Mod Apk? What are the minimum requirements of the game etc. etc.

I have tried my level best to explain all these and some other aspects of the subject game. On the contrary, if you cannot wait and have a better understanding of the game then don’t waste your time and download from the following button, otherwise, keep on reading the rest of the article

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No doubt, Traffic Rider is the best choice of gamers, a perfect, realistic looking, if not, then at least close to it, most immersive and accurate motorbike simulation game. Good looking graphics, first-person view perspective, and real recorded bike sounds make this game a masterpiece. Based on the graphics and controlling system, traffic rider can compete with any other game. You can select from many bikes with their different capacities of speed, handling, and brakes

But Wait

Keep in mind; it has some limitations; you need money and gold for the said purpose. Yes, by playing and completing different tasks in the game, you can earn money, but unfortunately, it is limited, takes lots of effort and time to get money.

Don’t worry, let me tell you some Good News

And the good news is Traffic Rider Mod Apk, which solves all the problems regarding the limitations of the game.

Traffic Rider Mod Apk

It is a modified or you can say a hacked version of the Traffic Rider. In this moded version, you will get unlimited money, and all bikes unlocked without completing any task and without paying any amount for the said purpose.

Traffic rider is available on play store for free, but to unlock superbikes, you need money to purchase. This Traffic Rider Mod Apk, or you can say, traffic rider cheat is just for them who want to unlock all the limitations for free.

What is special in Traffic Rider Mod Apk?

In this hacked version of the traffic rider, you’ll have everything free. You’ll not only drive but also experience the perfect model of a real-world scenario. You will be driving on multiple lane roads through heavy traffic, will experience and feel the accurate traffic elements e.g. signals, lights, and so on. Furthermore, you will be enjoying the following specialities in Traffic Rider Mod Apk:-

All Bikes are available Unlocked:

In this apk mod version of the traffic rider, you will get everything for free. Therefore, this hack will unlock all bikes and also other items in the store. You can enjoy driving by choosing one of more than 28 bikes.

Unlimited Coins:

This hacked version of the traffic rider provides the facility of unlimited coins so that you can buy any items from the store by using unlimited coins. You can use these coins to unlock different bikes too.

Unlimited Cash:

If Traffic Rider Apk Mod file is installed on your android device, in addition to unlimited coins, you will have unlimited cash to buy any item from the store. Bikes can be unlocked by paying money.

Unlimited Keys:

You want to unlock levels; don’t worry, you can have traffic rider cheat codes and keys to unlock levels, and you can get more coins too.

No more Ads:

While playing, many gamers get irritated to have ads. Be happy; you will never get annoyed by playing this traffic rider hack version. Why? Because mod apk is Ads free.

On the store, all items are Pre-activated and Unlocked:

Besides, every item is free, pre-activated, and unlocked e.g. more than 28 different motorbikes are unlocked, 70 missions are unlocked, and so on.

This is the reason why most of the die-hard gamers prefer to play Mod games.

Some Screenshots of the Game

Here are some of the screenshots of the Traffic Rider Moded game

Features of the Game

Here are some of the most amazing, exciting and marvellous features of the game briefly described below:-

Free to Play:

Currently, this game is free for mobile users. You can access complete gameplay using your hard-earnt in-game money.

Avail Bonuses:

Moreover, drive over 100 km/h, take over the streets, you can collect many bountiful bonuses while participating in your challenges. In heavy traffic faster, you drive, maximum scores you get. You can get more money by performing epic wheelies; even you can earn extra bonuses by moving your bike close to the passing vehicles.


In addition, graphics of the game are HD, calm and looking realistic and are one of the main features of the game. You will find yourself experiencing the driving hobby to the extreme level with the beautifully designed vehicles, and highways made up with very detailed graphics, especially snowfall and rain, make the game more astonishing.


Next, the environment of the traffic rider looks realistic; it is due to spectacular and impressive graphics on one side real recorded sound of the bikes on the other hand. Both these things i.e. graphics and real sound, make the environment look real.


Apart from other realistic looking qualities, the game has been designed in two modes i.e. Day and Night. In both modes, you will be feeling yourself in a real-life journey because of its amazing graphics.

Dozens of Powerful Bikes:

Currently, there are more than 28 different motorbikes with different stats. You can choose one of them to enjoy your journey through the crowded streets.


There are more than 70 missions in traffic rider with career mode. If you need more money and coins, you have to pass all these missions. Money and coins required when you want to buy another bike to enter your next missions. More coins you can earn by driving the bike faster.

Worldwide Availability:

Remember, the game is supported in 19 different languages, so it doesn’t matter where you are from, you are free to have the game installed in your android device. After installation, you can enjoy one of the best racing games in the world. You can get top of the rankings to earn valuable prizes by competing in online leaderboards. There are more than 30 different online achievements to complete.

First-person Camera View:

Along with other facilities, you can choose one of the several camera views which would be the better experience of playing. You can select a first-person camera view or have better observation with the third-person view. By varying, you can experience more enjoyable gameplay.

Simple Controls:

Furthermore, you have simple controls to start easily without any difficulty. One simple thing you have to do is only tap on the side to have the bike move in the desired direction. You can adapt to the tilt control to enjoy more immersive gameplay.

Customize your ride according to your wishes:

Besides, players can customize their ride using many useful options that the game provides to enjoy the game fully. Change your bike new engine, better tyers, and so on, plus, you can beautify your bike with remarkable stickers, creative paintings, and so on.

Realistic Gameplay and Physics:

Similarly, as you ride on different locations, you experience realistic night and day variations, enjoy the detailed environment, accurate bumps with real physics.

Brief Information about Traffic Rider Mod Apk

App NameTraffic Rider Mod Apk
App Size79.9
DeveloperSoner Kara
Root RequiredNo
Android Supported Version5.0+
Last Update2 Weeks Ago
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Keys, Coins & Cash

Tips for Players

  • Drive over 100 Km/h, overtake cars closely to get bonus scores and cash.
  • Ride faster and faster and earn more and more score.
  • Want to get extra score and cash, do wheelies.
  • By driving in the opposite direction in two-way you will get extra cash and score as well.


  • To accelerate touch the gas button.
  • Want to slow down touch the brake button.
  • Tilt or touch to steer.

Improvement in the Game?

  • Bug fixes, lots of improvements and adjustments
  • Added a new bike
  • Added rain & snow effects

Differences between Traffic Rider Apk & Traffic Rider Mod Apk:

Traffic Rider ApkTraffic Rider Mod Apk
Bikes are LockedAll Bikes are unlocked
Cash is limitedCash is unlimited
Keys are limitedKeys are unlimited
Coins are limitedCoins are unlimited

Download Traffic Rider Mod Apk

As the interest level in the modified version of the game i.e. Traffic Rider Mod Apk, has raised so, without wasting time anymore, download the well known and incredible racing game latest version from below button.

Link to Download

After you have downloaded the Traffic Rider Apk File, you can install it as other apk files, because the process of simple apk file installation is as simple as downloading and installing of other apk files is. But if you have downloaded the latest moded version i.e. Traffic Rider Mod Apk, you may face trouble in the installation process in the android device manually. If you are one of them, don’t worry, we will make this process very simple for you. You have to follow the following straightforward steps in this regard.

Installation Process

  1. First of all download the required file i.e. Traffic Rider Mod Apk from the above button.
  2. Now, you have to turn on a setting in your android device and to do that you have to go to settings of your android device, then go to Security Settings, then go to Device Administration. Here you will find an option “Unknown Sources”, you have to turn it on.
  3. Now, if you have installed the previous version of Traffic Rider, remove it.
  4. After the removal of the previous version, go to the downloads folder and find the downloaded Mod apk file of your best game, select it and click on install.
  5. Now, the process of installation will start, wait for the process to complete. In the end, you will find the game icon on the screen of your android device.
  6. Hurrah, you successfully have installed the Mod Apk version of the game on your Android phone.
  7. Just click on the game icon and enter into the world of your fascinating, real looking, and favorite game.
  8. Now you will enjoy the game without any restrictions, with unlimited money, coins and keys.

For downloading and installation for iOS and PC visit here 

App Permissions

But remember, you have to enable some of the app permissions on your android device to install Traffic Rider Mod Apk. After allowing app permissions on your device, the process of installation will complete smoothly and without any error.

  • Allow viewing network connections
  • Permission to prevent going into sleeping mode
  • You have to give permission to draw on top of other applications
  • Requires permission to read the contents of storage of the device
  • Enable permission to Connect and disconnect from Wi-Fi
  • Permission to have access to internet connections


If you want to install this traffic rider mod apk game, make sure you have a minimum 80 MB of Free Space, 5.0 or Up android, and a minimum 1GB of RAM is required.

Traffic Rider Mod Apk File Safety

Lastly, you may have doubts in your mind that about the downloaded Traffic Rider Mod Apk file safety. Don’t worry; you can download and install your favorite modified game without any hesitation and doubt in your mind because it is entirely safe and is errors free. Your device will not be affected in any way.


Is Traffic Rider Mod Apk Free?
Yes, you can easily download the file from our site for free. Our site provides you with the download link of this mod apk file.
Traffic Rider Mod game download is safe?
Yup! third-party-developed versions of the game can have several risks. But trust in us, it is completely safe and free of errors. If not the case, you can install antivirus security applications to check its security.
What is The Size Of The Latest Traffic Rider Mod Apk?
The size of the mod apk file is around 80 MB. It means you must have more than 80MB of free space on your android phone.
Is Traffic Rider Mod Apk Requires Root?
No, there is no need for a rooted phone.
How to Download Traffic Rider Mod Apk Latest Version?
You have no need to search the latest version of the mode apk game because we will automatically update if any new version of traffic rider game comes.
How to Unlock all the Bikes in Traffic Rider?
Don’t worry, to unlock all bikes in the traffic rider game, you simply have to download the mod apk file from here. This hacked mod has a feature of unlimited cash, keys, and unlimited coins, and all bikes have been unlocked too. Apart from this, you can unlock all the items from the store using provided unlimited coins.
Do We Get Unlimited Cash/Coins/Keys in Traffic Rider Game?
Yes, you will get an unlimited amount of cash, coins, and keys after installing mod apk on your android device.
Do we need internet connection to play the game?
No. There is no need for an internet connection to play the game after installed on the android device.

Final Verdict:

In conclusion, we hope this article will prove to be very helpful for you. You will download and install Traffic Rider Mod Apk file and enjoy the game without any restrictions as there is no reason left for any addictive to racer game. If you haven’t installed the apk file yet, then download and enjoy the game. Besides, if you get any information wrong, feel free, and keep in touch with us with your valuable comments.